Welcome to SpeechForge

SpeechForge was formed in order to promote the adoption of open source speech resources by the speech technology industry.

Towards that end SpeechForge has the following operational objectives:

  • Provide open source libraries which implement basic functionality of existing and emerging speech standards.
  • Create frameworks to enable interoperability between various speech solutions, both open source and proprietary.
  • Develop technology compatibility kits (TCKs) for use by speech resource providers to verify compliance with speech standards.
  • Provide open source reference implementations of speech standards.

SpeechForge News

Cairo v0.2 Released - November 13, 2007

"Cairo sets out to provide an enterprise grade, Media Resource Control Protocol Version 2 (MRCPv2) compliant speech server solution utilizing existing open source speech resources.

Cairo v0.2 adds support for establishing sessions using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signalling and improves speech recognition performance by matching the voice models used by Sphinx to the sampling rate of the received audio data..." (more)

MRCP4J v0.2 Released - August 30, 2006

"The MRCPv2 protocol is designed to allow client devices to control media processing resources, such as speech recognition engines. MRCP4J provides a Java API that encapsulates the MRCPv2 protocol and can be used to implement MRCP clients and/or servers.

This release provides the same basic level of functional support as the previous release but has been more thoroughly tested. A number of issues found in the previous release have been addressed..." (more)

SpeechForge Projects

The following projects fall under the SpeechForge umbrella:

Libraries, Tools, and APIs

MRCP4JAlphaJava library that encapsulate the MRCPv2 protocol providing APIs for implementing MRCPv2 clients and servers.
NLSML4JPlanningJava library providing two way translation between NLSML entities and JSAPI objects.

Production Components

CairoAlphaMRCPv2 compliant speech server utilizing existing open source speech resources.

Test Suites and Other Utilities

MRCP-TCKProposedTechnology compatibility kit providing a suite of tests to verify compatibility of a media server implementation with the MRCPv2 specification.